18 Commits (6b51cbed6cc1c4cecd4e99b92a832a38339cb3ed)

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alyssa rose 6b51cbed6c add socks proxy url to config file 10 months ago
alyssa rose dd27b1e875 correctly use socks proxy 11 months ago
r fa27d9c6eb Refactor things 1 year ago
r 140dfe2f63 Fix http client 1 year ago
r 798587868f Fix invalid CSS syntax 1 year ago
r fd2a353770 Refactor things 2 years ago
r 55ed6a480e Add single instance mode 2 years ago
r c41f9272f9 Fix logfile 2 years ago
r cd9306294d Add install target for make 2 years ago
r a877c58ac3 Fix error printing 2 years ago
r 4613e9cc7b Update config 2 years ago
r 2af37d4778 Refactor everything 2 years ago
r e9bd72306e Rename package to bloat 2 years ago
r cad01cb1f8 Add command line flag to specify config file 2 years ago
r 591360f2a8 Add post format selection 2 years ago
r 656ff3931c Update header template and add option for custom css 2 years ago
r 59aad78f66 Use filesystem based kv store instead of sqlite 2 years ago
r 5e4da01c3a Initial commit 2 years ago