58 Commits (7071165d04aa3faa3b81a4f00597144a91a73d8e)

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alyssa rose 7071165d04 fix random blank space on post content 1 year ago
alyssa rose 44ca9a290e put other post content behind spoiler 1 year ago
alyssa rose f5437ff3ce add showing spoilers 1 year ago
r f4620a8c69 Make redirection work without Referer header 2 years ago
r 3f776ee8c8 Show attachment file name instead of the type 2 years ago
r 17f02deff7 Show emojis in poll options 2 years ago
r b35d62ecbb Fix RTL display name rendering 2 years ago
r 856fe9e8c7 Fix CSS issues 2 years ago
r f4e85c571a Fix CSS issues 2 years ago
r 2ee5c1709d Simplify retweet/like form 2 years ago
r da22d19fb4 Add bookmarks 2 years ago
r 5478b34479 Use '@' prefix for all usernames 2 years ago
r 79d4ff4b08 Update CSS 2 years ago
Hyphen 28695fb8e6 Add the Anti Dopamine feature 2 years ago
[email protected] b5758986c6 Show username tootltip on avatar 2 years ago
r eb3bc15da9 Show status numbers 2 years ago
r 0eaf8e8c87 Use attachment description as title 2 years ago
r 4b25567372 Use default preload setting for audio and video 2 years ago
r f380371654 Add option to hide attachments 2 years ago
r d5230852cf Gracefully handle the elephant 3 years ago
r e9f5e0cab5 Use <base> element to set target 3 years ago
r dd23ac4867 Fix time duration value 3 years ago
r fe31d4197b Add frame based navigation 3 years ago
r cfec7879e3 Add poll support 3 years ago
r 5d58269132 Add status deletion 3 years ago
r 4d9e0af373 Add conversation muting 3 years ago
r 84cd3bc436 Remove icons 3 years ago
r f93fe32766 Update notification layout 3 years ago
r bf2cfaf0ed Add CSRF protection 3 years ago
r 55987a4c1b Refactor renderer and templates 3 years ago
r 3c6653a77b Add dark mode 3 years ago
r 8607f16212 Add status reply preview in fluoride mode 3 years ago
r f5963f2da5 Use url fragment for post link on thread page 3 years ago
r fb20bdc65e Use readable timestamp for statuses 3 years ago
r a8dbbec988 Add fluoride mode 3 years ago
r ca711e62ec Fix duplicate status ids 3 years ago
r 50e58c4e01 Use post method for like and retweet 3 years ago
r 2f4cd260fd Use png icons instead of font icons 3 years ago
r 1aff0569bf Add option to mask nsfw attachments 3 years ago
r 9e556721c5 Add default settings 3 years ago
r ac4ff88adb Add liked by and retweeted by page 3 years ago
r c34bde2d52 Fix scope icon 3 years ago
r 16300c93c1 Switch to fork-awesome font 3 years ago
r 05daa6a148 Add nsfw checkbox for posts 3 years ago
r 2506615f42 Add nsfw mask for status media 3 years ago
r 4a83c22261 Fix css and template issues 3 years ago
r 2678f33157 Add support for scopes 3 years ago
r df875381d4 Show content warning in status 3 years ago
r 889f8da496 Use local url for for mentioned users 3 years ago
r a1f49af1d9 Add user page and follow/unfollow calls 3 years ago