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$repo = ""
$gover = "1.9"
from "xena/go-mini:#{$gover}"
run "go#{$gover} download"
def foldercopy dir
copy "#{dir}", "/root/go/src/#{$repo}/#{dir}"
def gobuild pkg
run "mkdir -p /root/go/bin && cd /root/go/bin && go#{$gover} build -v #{$repo}/#{pkg}"
].each { |x| foldercopy x }
].each { |x| foldercopy x }
].each { |x| gobuild x }
cmd "/root/go/bin/vyvanse"
run "rm -rf $HOME/sdk /root/go/pkg ||:"
run "apk del go#{$gover}"
tag "xena/vyvanse:thick"
tag "xena/vyvanse:latest"