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alyssa rose f5437ff3ce add showing spoilers 4 months ago
r 4f1425febf Add filters 5 months ago
r ace344b66a Change default theme colors 5 months ago
r e8bfd3093b Fix unread notification indicator 5 months ago
r 87e31dbd66 Make like/retweet notification content semi-transparent 5 months ago
r 7f2df6c204 Fix CSS 7 months ago
r 37b1c75045 Fix link targets 7 months ago
r 856fe9e8c7 Fix CSS issues 8 months ago
r f4e85c571a Fix CSS issues 8 months ago
r 9a82a7d914 Add favicon 8 months ago
r ef41ff32e2 Add keyboard shortcuts 8 months ago
r d7e0db7498 Fix CSS issues 8 months ago
r 0b8c41ca7c Fix CSS issues 9 months ago
r 8dbea3731f Make navigation links more prominent 9 months ago
r 5478b34479 Use '@' prefix for all usernames 9 months ago
r 79d4ff4b08 Update CSS 9 months ago
r 7a59d010f6 Fix issues related to AntiDopamine mode 10 months ago
r 798587868f Fix invalid CSS syntax 10 months ago
r 69f2c3d226 fluoride: Fix syntax and formatting 1 year ago
r 1936044137 fluoride: Use target=_blank for status links 1 year ago
r 626369c317 Fix status overflow 1 year ago
r bd3f9ac966 Imporve text selection for usernames and emoji shortcodes 1 year ago
r eb3bc15da9 Show status numbers 1 year ago
r b5ca78a2e6 Fix status width 1 year ago
r 051908cfb7 Fix video margin 1 year ago
r f3367d920d Imporve emoji style 1 year ago
r 1e750f89b1 Revert "Fix pre tag overflow" 1 year ago
r 5abbadfa62 Fix pre tag overflow 1 year ago
r ccdb5ef051 Fix UI issues 1 year ago
r 23d9758763 Add description on signin page 1 year ago
r 911c9b7993 Remove session details on signout 1 year ago
r 35a8c247d9 Display empty list message 1 year ago
r fe31d4197b Add frame based navigation 1 year ago
r cfec7879e3 Add poll support 1 year ago
r 4d9e0af373 Add conversation muting 1 year ago
r a6d65b297a Fix fluoride 1 year ago
r 17e55d2a9b Add user search page 1 year ago
r 84cd3bc436 Remove icons 1 year ago
r f93fe32766 Update notification layout 1 year ago
r 2af37d4778 Refactor everything 1 year ago
r ea79a5f05b Make fluoride librejs compatible 1 year ago
r 04934ee643 Change link hover behaviour 1 year ago
r bf2cfaf0ed Add CSRF protection 1 year ago
r 3c6653a77b Add dark mode 1 year ago
r 8607f16212 Add status reply preview in fluoride mode 1 year ago
r 2a77700102 Use max height for status content 1 year ago
r a8dbbec988 Add fluoride mode 1 year ago
r 50e58c4e01 Use post method for like and retweet 1 year ago
r 2f4cd260fd Use png icons instead of font icons 1 year ago
r ecf284453a Fix css 1 year ago