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alyssa rose 3eb10366f7 link avatar in nav to user profile 6 months ago
alyssa rose 69f9c36d1d add fork note on about page 6 months ago
alyssa rose 4db25fe681 add 'ago' or 'from now' to duration string 6 months ago
alyssa rose 6b51cbed6c add socks proxy url to config file 7 months ago
alyssa rose 7071165d04 fix random blank space on post content 7 months ago
alyssa rose d58c0b63f1 update readme 7 months ago
alyssa rose 44ca9a290e put other post content behind spoiler 7 months ago
alyssa rose dd27b1e875 correctly use socks proxy 7 months ago
alyssa rose f5437ff3ce add showing spoilers 7 months ago
alyssa rose 880334d701 kinda fix button positions on firefox 7 months ago
r 6ddcb16694 Add username to page title 9 months ago
r 4f1425febf Add filters 9 months ago
r 3ac95ab3b1 Use attachment file name as description 9 months ago
r ac342dde07 Add remote timeline 9 months ago
r eca0366c21 Simplify timeline pagination 9 months ago
r ace344b66a Change default theme colors 9 months ago
r f4620a8c69 Make redirection work without Referer header 9 months ago
r e8bfd3093b Fix unread notification indicator 9 months ago
r 3f776ee8c8 Show attachment file name instead of the type 9 months ago
r 17f02deff7 Show emojis in poll options 9 months ago
r 87e31dbd66 Make like/retweet notification content semi-transparent 9 months ago
r 2bb6ba8e1d Add reset button 9 months ago
r e7d24cfa80 Add fallback notification 9 months ago
r 91f68ccfb3 Add follow request support 9 months ago
r 384179e518 Fix user info 9 months ago
r b35d62ecbb Fix RTL display name rendering 11 months ago
r 8f5fbab8dc Remove kv folder from makefile 11 months ago
r 7f2df6c204 Fix CSS 11 months ago
r fa27d9c6eb Refactor things 11 months ago
r 37b1c75045 Fix link targets 11 months ago
r c3d90539e9 Add notification interval setting 11 months ago
r 856fe9e8c7 Fix CSS issues 11 months ago
r 471e73d200 Avoid unnecessary API call on thread page 12 months ago
r 140dfe2f63 Fix http client 12 months ago
r 237182c171 Use username as title for mentions 12 months ago
r f4e85c571a Fix CSS issues 12 months ago
r c733ab970a Use favicon on all pages 12 months ago
r 9a82a7d914 Add favicon 1 year ago
r 65cd928041 Fix typo 1 year ago
r 8fd0322439 Fix retweeted by id on user page 1 year ago
r fdd9b8fd2b Add setting for default format 1 year ago
r ef41ff32e2 Add keyboard shortcuts 1 year ago
r a23fd4afaf Avoid search call for empty query 1 year ago
r 2ee5c1709d Simplify retweet/like form 1 year ago
r d7e0db7498 Fix CSS issues 1 year ago
r 7d989d56e5 Fix search query escaping 1 year ago
r 9c5cb289f9 Fix next link on timeline page 1 year ago
r 2b1c703b6c Add likes list 1 year ago
r 59692b7155 Add blocks list 1 year ago
r 0df863ac40 Add mutes list 1 year ago