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r da22d19fb4 Add bookmarks 2 years ago
r 0b8c41ca7c Fix CSS issues 2 years ago
r 8dbea3731f Make navigation links more prominent 2 years ago
r 5478b34479 Use '@' prefix for all usernames 2 years ago
r c753a74f49 Update time duration calculation 2 years ago
r 79d4ff4b08 Update CSS 2 years ago
r 7a59d010f6 Fix issues related to AntiDopamine mode 2 years ago
Hyphen 28695fb8e6 Add the Anti Dopamine feature 2 years ago
Hyphen 71c5da7b3b Implement exclusion params for notifications API call 2 years ago
r@freesoftwareextremist.com a4a1ce9677 Update kv store 2 years ago
r@freesoftwareextremist.com 9cd9e8bc7c Fix empty list message on search page 2 years ago
r@freesoftwareextremist.com b5758986c6 Show username tootltip on avatar 2 years ago
r 798587868f Fix invalid CSS syntax 2 years ago
r 61020d8837 Update config description 2 years ago
r 5e0afa1533 Fix search page text 2 years ago
r f215ab481d Fix typo 2 years ago
r 69f2c3d226 fluoride: Fix syntax and formatting 2 years ago
r 1936044137 fluoride: Use target=_blank for status links 2 years ago
r 626369c317 Fix status overflow 2 years ago
r 34c1d087af Disable scope selection when replying to a direct post 2 years ago
r bd3f9ac966 Imporve text selection for usernames and emoji shortcodes 3 years ago
r eb3bc15da9 Show status numbers 3 years ago
r b5ca78a2e6 Fix status width 3 years ago
r 61fbb24db8 Fix signin page redirection in single instance mode 3 years ago
r 1ae3c33b7d HTML Escape search queries 3 years ago
r 051908cfb7 Fix video margin 3 years ago
r 0eaf8e8c87 Use attachment description as title 3 years ago
r f3367d920d Imporve emoji style 3 years ago
r fd2a353770 Refactor things 3 years ago
r 4b25567372 Use default preload setting for audio and video 3 years ago
r f380371654 Add option to hide attachments 3 years ago
r 1e750f89b1 Revert "Fix pre tag overflow" 3 years ago
r ded211f29f Show {hide,show}retweets button only for followed users 3 years ago
r 55ed6a480e Add single instance mode 3 years ago
r 5abbadfa62 Fix pre tag overflow 3 years ago
r 91d87b0175 Add account {hide,show}retweets 3 years ago
r 04af1b93dc Add account {,un}subscribe 3 years ago
r ccdb5ef051 Fix UI issues 3 years ago
r 402c976ec8 Add description for fluoride mode 3 years ago
r 834b698f06 Fix license link 3 years ago
r 23d9758763 Add description on signin page 3 years ago
r 911c9b7993 Remove session details on signout 3 years ago
r 35a8c247d9 Display empty list message 3 years ago
r d5230852cf Gracefully handle the elephant 3 years ago
r c41f9272f9 Fix logfile 3 years ago
r a57a142328 Add notification count in page title 3 years ago
r 4ac5022cf1 Cleanup renderer.go 3 years ago
r c2c5b641ca Convert root page to html4 3 years ago
r e9f5e0cab5 Use <base> element to set target 3 years ago
r dd23ac4867 Fix time duration value 3 years ago