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kadis Leader Macros

Sequence Mnemonic Description
P C Proxy Cadey Proxytag for Cadey
P N Proxy Nicole Proxytag for Nicole
P J Proxy Jessie Proxytag for Jessie
P A Proxy Ashe Proxytag for Ashe
P S Proxy Sephie Proxytag for Sephie
P M Proxy Mai Proxytag for Mai
G B Go Build go build
G B A Go Build All go build ./...
G T Go Test go test
G T A Go Test All go test ./...
N B Nix Build nix-build
N B D Nix Build Docker nix-build docker.nix
N O R Nix Os Rebuild sudo nixos-rebuild switch
N O U Nix Os Upgrade sudo nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade
N N P Nix New Project new project boilerplate
K G D Kube Get Deployments Gets kubectl deployments
K G P Kube Get Pods Gets kubectl pods
K G S Kube Get Services Gets kubectl services
K G I Kube Get Ingresses Gets kubectl ingresses
K G N Kube Get Nodes Gets kubectl nodes
K L Kube Logs Gets kubectl logs
K L D Kube Logs Deployment Gets kubectl logs for a deployment
K V Kube Version kubectl version
K I Kube Interactive kubectl exec -it
K E Kube Edit kubectl edit
K E D Kube Edit Deployment kubectl edit deployment/
K D Kube Describe kubectl describe
K N Kube Namespace kubens
K C Kube Context kubectx
G P Git Push
G F P Git Force-Push
G U Git Update runs git pull
G A Git Add git add .
G D Git Diff
G D S Git Diff Staged
G L Git Log
G L O Git Log Oneline
G O Git checkOut
G O B Git checkOut new-Branch
G S Git Status
G C Git Commit
G C A Git Commit Amend
E X Emacs alt-X opens the M-x menu
P N B Pasta Non-Binary
P B M Pasta Breathe Manually
S R Systemctl Restart
S R U Systemctl Restart User
S E Systemctl Enable
S E U Systemctl Enable User
S D Systemctl Disable
S D U Systemctl Disable User
S S Systemctl Stop
S S U Systemctl Stop User
S K Systemctl Kill
S K U Systemctl Kill User
M H Mara Hacker
M W Mara What
M T Mara Thonk