redoing nixos configs for flakes
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Cadey Ratio 1cdc759405 fix node 14 😭
Signed-off-by: Xe Iaso <>
4 days ago
common fix node 14 😭 4 days ago
hack hack: add script to unfuck tailscale 11 months ago
hardware disable zrepl 2 months ago
hosts vest-pit-near 2 months ago
modules clean up flake.nix 2 weeks ago
overlays hosts/pneuma: add weechat 4 months ago
secret vest-pit-near 2 months ago
.DS_Store remove hack font from emacs 6 months ago
.envrc start to port firgu over 1 year ago
.gitignore remove this for now 5 months ago
deploy add vm named hugo 1 year ago
flake.lock nixos updates 4 days ago
flake.nix joker IP 2 weeks ago
secrets.nix vest-pit-near 2 months ago