TOTP tooling!
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Tooling for generating and managing large numbers of TOTP secrets.

$ totptool
Usage: totptool [options] <command> [args]

    -h --help       Show this screen
    -r --root:path  Use path as the totp root for secrets
    -v --version    Show version of totptool

    code <name>
                    Generate a two-factor auth code for <name>

    gen <name>
                    Generate a new two-factor auth secret for

                    List all the names of the secrets that
                    totptool tracks

Because I wrote this for me and I can say whatever I want as the arbitrary demands, I have it storing all TOTP secrets in my common synced folder ~/life. Edit the code or use --root to change this.


totptool gen <name> -> totptool code <name>

$ totptool code $(totptool ls | dmenu) | xclip -sel clip