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built withnix Nix Rust

My personal/portfolio website.

Information for people wishing to use this code

Don't. This code is not made for you to be able to use without extensive modification. The license of this code is intentionally chosen in such a way that it will make reuse of this website code verbatim very difficult.

If you are still adamant about using this backend, please keep several things in mind:

  1. All blog content is all rights reserved. I aggressively pursue and report content theft.
  2. You must fully comply with the license. I will aggressively pursue people that are not in compliance with the license.
  3. You are on your own. I will not help you. This is code I made for myself and it's only really open source as a side effect of making deployment on NixOS easier. Please do not be the person that makes me have to take this repo closed source.
  4. Upon security issues being found and remediated, you will not be notified about issues or remediation instructions.

This is probably not what you are looking for. Make your own website. Look into Hugo or Zola. They are going to be better maintained than this site will be.