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  Cadey Ratio f6424dca1a Merge pull request 'Update tokio & rustls, remove async-std & async-tls' (#19) from alch_emii/maj-prs:remove-async-std into main 1 month ago
  Cadey Ratio 6524ee688a Merge pull request 'Enable CI tests for pull requests' (#17) from alch_emii/maj-prs:pr-test into main 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo aaac9d0c93
Updated other workspace members 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo 2566d930bf
Remove dependency on async-std & async-tls in maj, upgrade Tokio 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo 3b4e9c77ec
Use triggers instead of step conditions in .drone.yml where relevant 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo accd372320
Enable CI tests for pull requests 1 month ago
  Cadey Ratio d08994c0cb Merge pull request 'Add a doctest for `blank_line()`' (#16) from alch_emii/maj-prs:blank-line-doctest into main 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo e44decab07
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/main' into blank-line-doctest 1 month ago
  Cadey Ratio cf73a3bb1e Merge pull request 'Add a `blank_line()` method to `Builder`' (#13) from alch_emii/maj-prs:blank-line into main 1 month ago
  Cadey Ratio 87a96151b5 Merge pull request 'Add conversion traits to Builder' (#12) from alch_emii/maj-prs:to-string into main 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo a7fabdc909
Allow Builder as Into<Vec<Node>> 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo adf82e9d9b
Add a doctest for the `blank_line()` method 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo c69ec3b7df
Merge branch 'to-string' into blank-line 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo ac88fb60ee
Add a `blank_line()` method to `Builder` 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo 2f3dd72d90
Add AsRef and AsMut<[Node]> to builder 1 month ago
  Emi Tatsuo 34dca8d92d
Impl ToString for Builder, accept AsRef<[Node]> in `render()` 1 month ago
  Cadey Ratio c743056263 Remove kindlegen from shell.nix 2 months ago
  Cadey Ratio bebfa4d7b1 release gemtext 0.2.1 with clone fix from @boringcactus 3 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 725957bf8c Merge pull request 'make gemtext::Node `Clone`' (#10) from boringcactus/maj:make-gemtext-node-clone into main 3 months ago
  Melody Horn c07d81077a make gemtext::Node `Clone` 3 months ago
  Cadey Ratio d437ac6e8f version bump for gemtext 4 months ago
  Cadey Ratio f2a251e829 version bump 4 months ago
  Cadey Ratio e58a01d14d Merge pull request 'escape special prefixes in plaintext nodes' (#9) from boringcactus/maj:preserve-texthood-of-text-nodes into main 4 months ago
  Melody Horn 3cd71ce302 escape special prefixes in plaintext nodes 4 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 85a3cfda4a double oops 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 740ac00628 use gemtext crate :D 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 6058af8b44 update gemtext metadata for publication 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio bae0ccb136 refactor gemtext tools into its own crate 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 6b9070e200 majc: fix redirects 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 1429602370 oops 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio f5d9e09e40 version 0.6.0 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio a533ebbeaf fix CGI support 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 1da65dcfeb add CGI support 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio ccb142d8b3 Update 'VERSION' 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio ddcb5afbc4 fix? 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 17a69980e0 tix tarot 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 9f19054993 add RPG character backstory generator 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio f80bdd45e7 fix fix 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 0a3c6fb23f cleanup http rendering 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio c6f15577bb fix 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 00f8fdc9e1 shitpost: serve HTTP 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio ff88b28688 oops 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio ad7947c5fa serve cetacean.club 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 4b7374b39f adapt majsite to serve cetacean.club 5 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 0ffd86c9f6 more words 6 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 2c2fc3ee09 better stuff :D 6 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 28ae14ffa7 input test and static file serving with majsite 6 months ago
  Cadey Ratio d2af2c5f08 file serving 6 months ago
  Cadey Ratio 91328c4188 fix gitignore 6 months ago
  Cadey Ratio c6567cc99d karnycukta experiment 6 months ago